We are already pissed by the oiled tinsel of other companies that are smearing honey around us. Just to put a pocket on us. We are not the cheapest and do not even try, because some "low-cost" brands with their composition of products scares us and the price looks accordingly!

So we will try to give you the best quality at a fair price and we will all laugh at it.

We chatter as our beak has grown. You will notice this not only on product labels, but generally on the web. We make quality products, but we don't take that seriously!

So let's sprinkle it with us to dust the sausage and princess carriage.

Loyalty program

  • for every £ 2 you earn 1 point
  • you get 1 point for each super rating
  • you get 1 point for each cool review

You will then exchange it for money (1 point = £ 0.03) and you will pluck us at the next purchase. :)

    Why such prices?

    Mainly because we do not increase the price of margin for sale in other e-shops (on average up to 40 - 50%) and as we conjure up and serve in your beak. :)

    Shipping and payment

    Transport up to 140 GBP over 140 GBP
    Courier GBP - transfer (also on-line) 6,47 GBP Free
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    Loyalty program

    You will redeem your points for money and you will be deprived of them the next time you buy.