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L-Glutamin do tlamičky v práškuL-Glutamin do tlamičky v prášku - balení na 1 měsíc, jahody s limetkou

L-Glutamine in the mouthpiece

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Flavor Strawberries with lime
Packing on 1 month
For sweet tongues that do not want to mix in the water and immediately pour it into the muzzle. Nevertheless, they care about the growth,…
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EAA v práškuEAA v prášku - přírodní/jahody s limetkou/cola - balení na 1 měsíc


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Flavor NaturalStrawberries with limeCola
Packing on 1 month
Milk the eaten protein to the last drop, thanks to a mixture of 9 essential amino acids, because if you do not have enough essential amino…

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