Ground anchor (powder)

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One scoop and a testicle will also splash out of your voice, because the anchor stimulates testosterone production and thanks to it you will grow into a huge, sexually obsessed muscular pig, which it never has enough.

To prepare the drink, mix 1 g of ground anchor in 200 - 250 ml of water. More

Manufacturer: Nasypanej

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Why do you need it?

Because it was used by ancient healers in China, India and Mesopotamia. It has been used to increase fertility and rejuvenate the body, and is still used today in medicine due to its broad-spectrum effect and 40% content of saponins - the active ingredient of Tribulus. It is suitable for people with a more explosive type of exercise, to increase strength and support the growth of muscle mass. Tribulus Terrestris is an ideal stimulant for increasing physical performance, increasing strength, endurance, muscle regeneration, but it also helps with sexual activity.
Tribulus Terrestis is intended for athletes who require an increase in muscle mass and increased sexual activity. It will therefore be appreciated by fitness and professional athletes, and it is suitable for all kinds of physically demanding sports.

Benefits and effects?

  • supports regeneration,
  • stimulates the growth of muscle mass,
  • supports increased endurance and strength,
  • supports the increase of physical performance,
  • increases sexual activity and improves libido,
  • supplements nutrition to support spermatogenesis,
  • positively affects the body's defenses and immune system.
  • other names: Tribulus Terrestris


To prepare the drink, mix 1 g of ground anchor in 200 - 250 ml of water.

Flavor Natural
Species for vegetarians, for vegans
Packing on 1 month, 3 months, 6 months
Type powder
Ingredients Extract from the fruits of the ground anchor (tribulus terrestris) with a 40% saponin content

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