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Super snídaně v prášku - kaše

Super Breakfast (porridge)

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from 8,33 £ 13,02 £
Flavor ChocolatePeanuts in chocolate
Serving 3, 14
The popular super breakfast has been strengthened by pasteurized egg whites and will now shoot you up to the moon ... :) It is ideal for…
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Maca Kakao v prášku

Maca Cocoa

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4,65 £ 7,33 £
Flavor Cocoa
Serving 14
Discover the secrets of sweet sex and experience an unreliable pig because it increases libido, fertility, improves quality, taste and…
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Kakao v prášku


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4,28 £ 5,76 £
Flavor Cocoa
Serving 14
Anoint your nerves with sweet cocoa, which contains Ceylon cinnamon, carob, healthy antioxidants and sweetened with coconut sugar and…
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Holandské kakao v prášku

Dutch cocoa

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3,15 £
Flavor Cocoa
Serving 14
Already the first kakajka pike causes you to flush out endorphin, also known as the hormone of happiness. And thanks to its high magnesium…

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