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Železo (chelát) v tabletách


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3,65 £ 6,33 £
1 tablet 67 mg
Packing on 1 month
It stretches your every breath on the back and ensures the transfer of oxygen from the lungs to all tissues in the human body. It has a…
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ZMB6 (chelát) v tabletách


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4,32 £ 6,66 £
1 tablet 546 mg
Packing on 1 month
You will snort like a killer, thanks to an effective combination of chelated minerals zinc, magnesium and vitamin B6, also known as ZMA,…
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Magnézium chelát + B6, C v prášku

Magnesium chelate + B6, C

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10,01 £ 16,70 £
Flavor Forest fruits with lime
Packing on 1 month
After a few throats, cramps can climb on your back, thanks to a combination of the biologically available chelated form of magnesium,…
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Magnézium chelát v tabletách

Magnesium chelate

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5,62 £ 9,34 £
1 tablet 700 mg
Packing on 1 month
You will have your bones, muscles and joints tuned, because magnesium chelate is the best absorbed magnesium bond that effectively fights…
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Hořčík + vitamín B6 v tabletách

Magnesium + B6

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from 3,31 £ 5,66 £
1 tablet 250 mg + 2,5 mg
Packing on 1 month, 3 months
Bu, Bu, Bu, you old whore, tired! Thanks to the great combination of chelated magnesium and vitamin B6, you can send fatigue to the ass and…

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